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Office of Engagement

Mission Statement of SEEC’s Office of Engagement

The mission of the Office of Engagement is to share its museum-based approach to learning in an effort to positively influence the practices used in educating young children in early childhood and museum settings.

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Join the SEEC Educational Outreach Program listserv to receive information on upcoming trainings and other opportunities related to early childhood education. To join the listserv simply send an email with your email address included in the text section to

Calendar of SEEC Professional Development Programs

Through educational outreach, the museum education team shares its expertise in using museum exhibits and artwork in conjunction with children’s literature and everyday objects to teach young children. SEEC offers information about its museum-based approach to learning through seminars and professional training classes, written materials, teaching kits, and customized consulting. Watch our website for upcomign dates and program information.


To see what professional development opportunities we have upcoming please go to:

Teachers Learning Together

For more information about any of our seminars please contact Brooke Shoemaker at 202-633-2945 or

  • Professional Development For Educators at Your School or Museum

    Literacy Development Using Objects Available as a 2 or 3 hour workshop. Very young children thrive in an environment that is rich in exposure to everyday objects, stories, and visual images. Age appropriate books, art prints and objects not only appeal to toddlers and two-year-olds but help them understand the world around them. Learn how to develop a curiosity that promotes early literacy by incorporating the arts, the community, and everyday objects into classroom activities.

    Never Too YoungAvailable as a 2 or 3 hour workshop. Children begin developing a sense of self at a very young age. Through discussion and hands-on activities, participants will explore the complexities of identity and bias, and why it is important for children to not only have a positive sense of self, but to also engage with people and perspectives that are different from their own. Educators will gain techniques to use cultural objects, as well as tips to engage families.

    PlayAvailable at any length from 2 hours to 2 days. Bringing together children’s interests, play theory, research, and museum collections, seminar participants partake in hands-on, object based activities to experience using play as a vehicle for learning and inquiry.

    Learning Through ObjectsAvailable as a 1 or 2 day workshop. Museums are for everyone, even the very young! This hands-on seminar will explore the many benefits of using community spaces for learning, and give participants a robust toolkit for engaging young children in objects, artwork, and more.

    Fostering WonderAvailable as a 2 or 3 hour workshop. Children are born with a sense of wonder, but how, as educators, can we foster their natural curiosity, and use it to create engaging learning environments? Though hands on activities, discussion, and examples, participants will gain new ideas for STEM experiences in the classroom and the community, practice using language that fosters wonder and inquiry, and explore how to structure curriculum that follows and fosters children’s curiosity.


    • 2-hour workshop—$400

    • 3-hour workshop—$500

    • Additional sessions of the same 2 or 3 hour workshops—$200

    • 1-day workshop—$750

    • The same 1 day workshop, 2 days in a row—$1000

    • 2-day workshop—$1200

    All workshops have a maximum of 30 participants.

    Contact Us:

    Brooke Shoemaker // (202)633-2945